If you want any movies reupload command here


Req Fomart : Movie Name / IMBD LINK OR Post URL / Copy ( Update : 2020.02.09)
Flu (2013)
720P Bluray
Updated: February 8, 2020 — 8:32 pm


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  1. Barking dogs never bite (2000)
    720p.x265 bluray

    1. Re upload Soon…

    1. Re upload Soon…

      1. Ok..
        Thank you..

  2. American Beauty (1999)
    720p x265 Bluray.

    *I can’t get the links when I clicked *get link” page.

  3. The meg (2018)

    1. one links working
      i will reupload all other link soon.

  4. Wonderful nightmare 2015 korean

    1. Uptobox link is working

  5. Re-upload Beyond the lights 2014 movie

  6. Annihilation (2018)

    Uptobox too ain’t working

  7. Porno Holocaust (1981)

    Links not working, even uptobox (Error Hotlinking)..

  8. Porno Holocaust (1981)
    720p bluray, Links are not working, even Uptobox..

    1. ok i will check and reupload soon

  9. BAD BOYS 1 links down and bad boys 2 shows connection time out at link shortener page when clicked on download. Will appreciate if you can reupload and thanks for your work

  10. Links are down of BAD BOYS :

    Link shortener is down of BAD BOYS 2 (unable to reach links so can’t say about links) :

    Please look into the matter if possible.
    Appreciate your work . THANKS

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