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Download – Thugs of Hindostan (2018) 720p 10bit TRUE HD 2CH x265 HEVC (ESUB) (Tamil & Hindi Audio)

Storyline: The movie is set in 1795 and follows a gang of thugs who aspire to free Hindostan from the British Empire. A small-time thug is then sent by British commander John Clive to infiltrate the gang and counter their threat.

Download – Nota (2018) 720p 10bit Proper HD 2CH x265 HEVC (ESUB) (HQ Audio)

Storyline: Vasudev “Nasser”, the chief minister of Telangana state, is a hero turned politician. He makes son Mr. Varun “Vijay Deverakonda” as proxy CM on the advice of a Swami Ji. After Vasudev goes to jail on corruption charges, the responsibility of running the state remains with Varun who is a novice in politics. Rest […]

Download – Raja Ranguski (2018) 720p 10bit HD 2CH x265 HEVC (620MB)

Plot: Raja is a Police Constable. He falls in love with an aspiring writer Ranguski. Raja often visits Maria, a Senior citizen who has demanded Police custody as she is an antique collector and possesses many valuable things. Maria and Ranguski live in the same Housing Complex. Raja tries to woo Ranguski by making her […]

Download – Kaala (2018) (Tamil) 720p 10bit HQ WEB-HD 2CH x265 HEVC (1.1GB)

Storyline: The people who had migrated from Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu live in Dharavi slum in Mumbai. The Union Minister Haridev Abhayankar alias Hari Dada (Nana Patekar), previously a gangster, tries to evict people and seize the land of Dharavi. He comes up with a plan of promising furnished homes to people through a […]

Download – Puthiya Bruce Lee (2018) (TAMIL) 720p 10bit HD 2CH x265 HEVC (999MB)

Plot: Bruce (himself) lives in a village area close to the mountain ranges with his mother. He acts as a single warrior when it comes to dealing with the crisis and other issues that his village faces and he single handedly manages to rescue his village from threats. Most of the people in the village […]

Download – Chennai 2 Singapore (2017) (TAMIL) 720p 10bit TRUE HDTV 2CH x265 HEVC (670MB)

Storyline: The film’s story is said to be a romantic comedy about a struggling Indian filmmaker, Harish, who makes his way to Singapore to look for investors to finance his dream movie. A series of misfortunes foils his plans. However, with the help of Vaanambaadi, an eccentric Singaporean cameraman, Harish almost realises his dream. But […]

Download – Semma Botha Aagatha (2018) (Tamil) 720p 10bit HD 2CH x265 HEVC

Storyline When his upcoming marriage to his girlfriend gets cancelled, Ramesh feels down in the dumps and drowns his sorrows in alcohol. In his intoxicated state, the IT expert agrees to his friend’s suggestion to forget about his ex by spending a night with a call girl. Things take a turn when the call girl […]